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Updated 27th August, 2015.

Apologies, for some unknown reason the website won't appear online. I updated it on 17th July and something went awray thereafter. On several occasions, I have checked and rechecked and checked and rechecked all over again, but cannot find any fault, everything at my end says all is well. Most frustrating. In case you can see this, I am doing my best to resolve the problem.

Please note subscription costs are changed for 2015. There has been no change in many years but the increased cost of postage and printing has escalated massively so we have to cover those costs.

We still hope you will add a donation so that we can continue to hold beautiful services of Remembrance.

Anything to do with memberships should go to Keith Stephenson. The membership form has his address.

  • UK members £15.00 this includes a copy of Emma Gee on CDRom
  • UK members £20 this includes a hard copy of Emma Gee.

    Overseas members

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Please check this page regularly and our facebook page almost daily. To check on updates quickly check there.

Due to a death in my family, I am not dealing with OCA matters at the moment. All should be back on track by 1st August. If you have any articles or items of interest for Emma Gee, do please send then, I will be sending a magazine at the end of the month.

Due to three stonemasons not getting back to me and seemingly not wanting to earn money, I have wasted inordinate amounts of time trying to arrange for a Centenary plaque at the Lion Lodge Gates, Belton. If I cannot get this arranged and planning permission obtained in time, it is absolutely not for the want of effort.


Bill Fulton will be giving talks at Belton House, he sent this information:

Of the two dates on which I am giving full talks about the MGC (ie: approx 1 hour plus Q&As) and taking along some artefacts, the Thursday 11 June date is now fully booked. The second date is Thursday 24 September 10.30am - noon, and also requires pre-booking by telephoning Belton House on 01476 566116 (cost is £8 including light refreshments).

I will now be giving several free 30 minute talks about the MGC, accompanied by various MGC artefacts (uniforms, Vickers gun, etc) during the weekend of 22 and 23 August, when Belton will be having the Great War Living History Group encamped there with demonstrations of what life was like as a WW1 soldier. There are no extra charges for this event, just normal admission fees (ie: free if you are a NT member), with no tickets needed.

Centenary Events

Exhibitions, services of Remembrance and many events are being held to commemprate the Centenary of WW1. Information on these is coming in very often and it is not always possible for me to update the website quickly. Do join our facebook page for fast updates.

I am especially eager to hear from members who see details of an event they could attend, please contact me if you are able. We hope to have a Machine Gun Corps Old Comrades' Association presence at as many as possible.


Please remember that events require a lot of time and work and they are arranged for you to enjoy, do make the effort to attend and make a quick note in your diary RIGHT NOW so you don't forget. Meet lovely people and visit interesting places.

Next event: Grantham, Centenary Service of Remembrance followed by the unveiling of a Centenary Plaque at Belton Park, followed by Lunch at Belton Golf Club.

See events page for details & booking forms. If you have any problems downloading a form, just ensure you send full names of you and all your guests, your contact telephone number, preferably a mobile, and the appropriate cheque to me



For a list of countries overseas where Graves are wanted for our Photographic Project, please see below. If you can help, we will be grateful, contact Judith for details.

Articles and photographs are very welcome for the next edition of Emma Gee. The magazine is only as good as members make it by sending in interesting copy.

Please help Judith by ensuring that you use Times New Roman 10 point, no indents, 'no prettying up' please. Ensure article and photograph file names link and make sense to others, not just you, e.g. name files '1234 Pt Fred Bloggs'. Making file names such as 'Dad' or 'Grandad in Mespot' will mean absolutely nothing to me if they become detached from your email, waste hours of time and may mean they will not be included!! Thank you for your help.


The MGC/OCA has a Facebook page, take a look.

Have a chat, get others to join up, communicate.

Research enquiries not via MGC, see:

updated, 12th May, 2015..

Overseas locations of Graves we need to be photogaphed:

Egypt – Alexandria; Ismailia; Kantara; Port Said; Suez
Germany  –  Hamburg
Ireland - Tralee (Ratrass) Cemetery, Co Kerrym Balla Old Catholic Cemetery Co Mayo, Ballynanaeash (St Otteran's) Catholic Cemetery Co Waterford.
Israel - Beersheba; Haifa; Jerusalem; Ramleh
Iran – Tehran
Italy – Arquata Scrivia; Bordighera; Cremona; Savona; Stagliento (Genoa); Stradella; Taranto.

Pakistan   Peshawar; Quetta; Rawalpindi South Africa – Durban
Syria - Damascus
Tanzania – Dodoma
Yemen – Aden
'Graves also present in Gaza and Iraq which are either damaged or present in an unsafe area or one prohibited to visitors'.

We were delighted to receive photos of memorials and graves in India, Mozambique, Berlin and Mermansk recently. We appreciate this help from those living and going abroad on business. Thank you to our supporters.

Send email enquiries regarding the magazine Emma Gee and events, "Emma Gee," and general administration to: Mrs Judith Lappin, Honorary Secretary:

email address

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