updated on 10th July, 2020.


MEMBERSHIPS - Sadly, many members have not re-newed this year. I understand that many of us have had no income because of lock down, but I do hope that if you have just forgotten, that you will rejoin.

EVENTS - As with everrything else in the country, the pandemic has meant that our planned events this year had to be cancelled and possibly those due to be held at Grantham in October and Remembrance Services in November may also be cancelled or amended.

It isn't just a case of whether we will be allowed to hold events, it is also whether members will be happy to meet in large groups. You will be kept in formed. I am sorry the website has not been up to date, there have been problems which I trust are now resolved.


ONLINE EVENTS - If you would be so kind, I would like to hear from members regarding their interest in my arranging gatherings via Zoom in October. Most people have now participated in at least one meeting or church service using the internet. I was considering asking the Rector at St Wulfram's Church if he would hold a remote service for us. I would also try to arrange a talk and a chance for each of those attending to have a chat. If few want to join such events, then it is pointless my investing time. I am keen for members to have a chance to socialise. Certainly our Facebook page has drawn more interest than usual.

Please email me (members should know my personal email address) and tell me if you would like to join in any Zoom events.

Facebook - during lock-down, this became very busy and so OCA Member and OCA French Area Representative, Jeremy Page is now a moderator. Our thanks to Jeremy for the assistance.



Being compiled, should be with you end of the month.


Graham Sacker has made a website especially for those wishing to check his research database of Machine Gun Corps Other Ranks and Officers. Check it out....


For a list of countries overseas where we have Graves wanted for our Photographic Project, please see below. If you can help, we will be grateful, contact Judith for details.

Articles and photographs are very welcome for the next edition of Emma Gee. The magazine is only as good as members make it by sending in interesting copy.

Please help Judith by ensuring that you use Times New Roman 10 point, no indents, 'no prettying up' please. Ensure article and photograph file names link and make sense to others, not just you, e.g. name files '1234 Pt Fred Bloggs'. Making file names such as 'Dad' or 'Grandad in Mespot' will mean absolutely nothing to me if they become detached from your email, waste hours of time and may mean they will not be included!! Thank you for your help.


Please remember that events require a lot of time and effort to arrange and they are arranged for you to enjoy, do make the effort to attend and make a quick note in your diary so you don't forget. Meet lovely people and visit interesting places.


The MGC/OCA has a Facebook page, take a look, lots of interesting comments, photos etc there.

Have a chat, get others to join up, communicate.

I regret that I do not accept friends from membership of the OCA on my personal facebook page. This isn't very interesting for starters!! It contains family photos etc which won't be of much interest to anyone else. But do join the MGC/OCA facebook page.

Overseas locations:

Egypt – Alexandria; Ismailia; Kantara; Port Said; Suez
India –Kirkee & Madras Memorials
Israel - Haifa; Ramleh
Italy – Arquata Scrivia; Bordighera; Cremona; Faenza; Savona; Stagliento (Genoa); Stradella; Taranto.
Mozambique – Pemba                                                 
Tanzania – Dodoma

'Graves are also present in Gaza, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria and Yemen, where the cemeteries are either badly damaged or unsafe to visit at the present time'.


Copyright Machine Gun Corps Old Comrades' Association.

Articles written by Judith Lappin and Keith Stephenson.
These photographs of the Boy David were taken by OCA member John Cooper